Only my Hairdresser knows for Sure

Good news!  My hairdresser is onboard.   Linda Dixon at Bangz in Winter Park has been coloring my hair since 1995!  We had this discussion a couple of years ago when I casually brought up the idea that I  wanted to let my hair go gray.  She looked at  me with “that look” and kind of shook her head and sort of said “No! You don’t want to do that!”.    It wasn’t just on her opinion alone.  Oh NO!  My girlfriends….ALL OF THEM….kind of decided that NO YOU SO DON”T WANT TO  DO THAT!  So, I did what all women of the 40ish age and not sure if I’m HOT or not do…….I went with them and continued to add chemicals to my hair, head , skin.  Whatever!  Why do we do that?   Who wrote the Rule Book  – that we THINK clearly states ” You  will color your hair until  you die so that you don’t look your age (ie your EXPERIENCE, your WISDOM, YOU! )   Huh??

Girlfriends!  I am over this!  I have had some really cool experiences since I have put it OUT there that I’m really going Nature Girl.    Can I just put in here too though….and this is kind of funny and maybe you are thinking it now. ….but my friend Kath asked me  (and I think she might have been seriously serious!)  when I told her I was going to let my hair go Natural.  That I was going Nature Girl…..she asked….”so!  Are you going to stop shaving your legs too????””    AS if !  I have my limits.  And besides ….as I approach my 50’s the hair on MY legs is not so much and I don’t have to shave everyday.  Plus it’s blond.  So the shaving thing is not such a big issue with me.    Too much info???   I could go on about shaving….but I won’t.  This is about going Gray.   You get to decide if you want to read this blog and be on this journey.  

One of my good friends was thinking of doing the very same thing.  She is only a few years older than me and she “thinks” that she might be about 90% gray.  So she thinks she might just go Platinum.   Girlfriend…you know who you are and I will support you 100000000%! 

Another friend of mine has been toying with the idea too.  She is in her late 50’s….super late 50’s if you know what I mean (she knows what I mean!).    She expressed her thoughts to her husband and he totally freaked…saying it would make her look old and why would she do that!  That comment bugged her….as it would you!  This friend of mine is GORGEOUS, FUNNY, SMART.  Who cares if she is gray?   She is ALL THAT SHE IS….which is AWESOME!  But she decided just yesterday that she will go gray when she is 70.  I support her decision.  She is sooooo cool! 

But I digress.  Linda said I would have to cut my hair short to get to the gray.  I am so not going there.  I love my long hair and I’m keeping it.   So I suggested to my fabulous hairdresser that maybe we LOW light my hair.  But not from the roots – from the grow out.  The color that we think might actually be my natural color.  She did that head shaking thing again.  So annoys me and makes me chuckle…kind of.  I asked her if that was maybe not in the flippin’  Rule Book.  And it’s not!  So I asked her if ANYONE has tried it.  Her answer was a quick and fast – NO no one has tried it.    Soooo I’m thinkin’….”Girl!  We could make  you famous.  Step outside the box.  There are a ton of women my age who are sick of being who they are not.  Help them get to gray ….to their real color.  In a cool and glorious way.”    Linda trimmed my hair today and I’m hoping she is still thinking about making this happen.  I will be her guinea pig. 

I searched high and low on the internet to find something….anything….on trying to let my years of colored hair…go natural….and guess what???? Nothin’…nada…So I want to be that girl that you can look to for support and cheerleading to make your hair be what it is.  To be the beautiful woman  you are……I am there for you! 

My friend today totally gets it and supports me.   Thanks LH!!   I support you too and I’ll be there for you when you turn 70 and decide to let your lovely white locks just be!  Who knows…maybe you’ll start sooner and come with me on this very fun, sexy, cool journey.  Because you know what Sista????  We are sooo hot!


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